Rich medieval towns, that Kosice undoubtedly was, too, were characterized by the fact that everyone who had expressed interest and had the necessary skills, had been provided the opportunity to live as well as to work in the town.

That was one of reasons why Kosice was a bustling city in the past where people of different professions, interests, often extraordinary abilities, lived.

The town created good conditions for their habitation. Those who cared to live in the very center were allowed to build their palaces on the main street while the accessory buildings were placed in narrow courtyard wings accommodating staff and servants.

Housing facilities around the historical town center arose later on, originating new busy streets where houses were part of large gardens ending at the town walls.

One of such homes was the house on Moyzesova street No. 38 originated in the years 1854 - 1868 which has been maintained until now as a unique representative of ground urban buildings of Kosice, in the part called "Glacis".

This building, together with a large garden backed by the city walls, is now actually located in the city center, considering the criteria of a quarter-million residents metropolis of Eastern Slovakia.

It actually has something that makes it almost to be an oasis – well accessible by vehicles, a lot of green areas in the courtyard and garden, where one, looking apart from the visual contact with the St. Elisabeth´s Cathedral, does not realize being in the heart of the bustling city.

In this - let's call it “oasis” - the investor, after completing necessary reconstruction and finishing of the building, offers comfortable accommodation and pleasant working environment.

There are only few such places in Kosice and will be only a unique opportunity for its citizens to live and work in contact with nature in the future so as it was possible formerly only in suburbs.